How to treat tinnitus without side effects?

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Ringing in the ears, low energy, irritable mood, and insomnia every night! According to statistics, 75% of tinnitus patients suffer from mild depression! If you notice hearing loss, be vigilant! Long-term tinnitus can easily lead to deafness! There are many causes of tinnitus, some are neurological tinnitus, some are senile tinnitus, some are toxic tinnitus, some are mixed tinnitus, etc.

How can tinnitus be treated without side effects?

Tinnitus is mostly temporary and a physiological phenomenon, so people don’t need to be too nervous or worried. However, if you are also accompanied by deafness, headache, dizziness, etc., you must be vigilant and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

There are many drugs that can aggravate the symptoms of tinnitus, so we must be cautious when using drugs and consult the doctor who prescribes them in detail to see whether the prescribed drugs will have an impact on tinnitus.

In addition, you can also use ginkgo leaf extract, tricyclic antidepressants, alprazole, etc. under the guidance of professional doctors. They can improve tinnitus, but they also have harmful effects on the body. Certain side effects.

Tips on how to deal with tinnitus

1. Life care

In daily life, eat more fruits and vegetables and Food with high protein content and low fat content, it is best not to stay in a noisy environment, live a regular life, and drink more tea. Green tea is also acceptable, but do not drink strong tea to avoid irritating the nerves and aggravating tinnitus.

2. Palm rubbing therapy
Sit quietly, rub your palms 50 times, and press your ears tightly while your palms are hot, do this 6 times, and do 2- 3 days.

3. Massage relief
Press the pinna of the ear with your fingers, and then rub the ear repeatedly with your hands. Or insert your little finger into the ear hole, vibrate it, and then pull it out suddenly. Try it again and again, it's better than nothing. Then combined with drug treatment, the effect will be very good.

4. Relieve emotions

Don’t be anxious when your ears are buzzing. Many people will be annoyed and angry when their ears are buzzing, which will aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, you should keep your mood calm, try to put your attention elsewhere, and on the other hand, actively seek treatment methods.

5. Breath-holding therapy
Sit quietly, clench your teeth, pinch your nostrils with two fingers, close your mouth as if blowing, so that the air flows into your ears until Until there is a booming sound. Do it several times a day for 2-3 days.

6. Auricle massage adjustment method
Use both hands to massage the left and right auricles respectively, press and rub repeatedly for a minute or two, or insert the tip of your middle finger into the patient's external ear canal and gently shake it for dozens of times. After several times, the air in the external auditory canal is discharged, and then it is suddenly pulled out, and there is a "coaxing" sound immediately. This can be repeated 3 to 5 timesSecond-rate.

7. Mingtiangu percussion method

First massage the ears on both sides. After heat sensation is generated, then use the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger of both hands to move symmetrically horizontally. Press on the occiput on both sides, with the two middle fingers touching and connected, then lift the two index fingers and stack them on top of the middle fingers, then slide the two index fingers forcefully down from the middle fingers, and tap the occipital bone heavily, like beating a drum. First do the left hand 24 times, then the right hand 24 times, and finally do the left and right movements simultaneously 24 times.

Eating high-cholesterol or high-salt foods in your daily diet may worsen tinnitus symptoms. Eating something in the diet that can cause allergies can also cause tinnitus when the body undergoes an allergic reaction. Eating diet foods can also worsen tinnitus symptoms. In addition, frequent drinking of strong tea, eating things containing caffeine, excessive drinking and smoking, etc. can cause and aggravate the symptoms of tinnitus.

Tinnitus has had a great impact on our daily lives. If not treated in time, it may cause deafness and other diseases. Here, I wish tinnitus patients a speedy recovery.