What should you pay attention to if you have tinnitus or deafness?

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Tinnitus is very common in life, because the symptoms of many diseases can cause tinnitus, and some bad habits in life are also causes of tinnitus. Therefore, various factors are more likely to cause tinnitus. Therefore, if we want to avoid tinnitus, we Take precautions.

What should we pay attention to when we suffer from tinnitus and deafness?

It is recommended that patients go to a professional hearing aid fitting center to get hearing aids to reduce the trouble of tinnitus and improve their listening skills. Hearing aids will help them in both aspects. While hearing aids improve speech communication, they will also reduce tension and relieve tinnitus. Hearing aids also amplify background noise, and many people with tinnitus feel that low-level background noise reduces their tinnitus. The neural activity generated in the auditory system by the sound amplified by the hearing aid can interfere with the auditory center's perception of tinnitus and divert the patient's attention to more important information, such as language, music, etc.

It is recommended to eat more low-fat foods with high vitamin A and B content in daily diet, and take some vitamin A, vitamin B and other medicines regularly, which can provide relief. The role of.

Avoid mental stress and fatigue: Being in a state of high mental stress or physical fatigue for a long time can easily aggravate tinnitus. Therefore, it is beneficial to appropriately adjust the work rhythm and relax your mood. of. Avoid noise pollution: Sudden loud sounds and long-term noise exposure can lead to hearing loss and tinnitus, so high-risk groups (working in high-intensity noise environments) should pay special attention to noise protection, such as wearing protective earmuffs, earplugs, etc. . In addition, do not use Walkman headphones at high volume for a long time. Rational medication use: When patients with tinnitus seek medical treatment due to other diseases, do not forget to tell the doctor that they have tinnitus. Because some medicines can make your existing tinnitus symptoms worse.

Modern people’s lives are under great pressure. Some people suffer from throat problems when they get angry or tired; while some people tend to suffer from ear problems, causing dizziness, deafness, and tinnitus. symptoms. This requires patients to pay special attention to themselves. When the physical condition is already bad, they should be more careful and not be willful again, otherwise the body will give you a warning, and dizziness, sudden deafness, and tinnitus are warnings given by the body! This is also the body's self-protection mechanism. It uses discomfort to force you to stop and rest, giving your body a time to recuperate. So don’t ignore these body alarms and adjust your life rhythm so that you can stay away from diseases and enjoy life!

  Treating tinnitus is a worldwide problem. There is no method that can effectively treat all or most tinnitus symptoms. To put it bluntly, most tinnitus cannot be cured. Therefore, for some long-term obvious tinnitus symptoms, don’t waste money on treatment. For new, less severe tinnitus. You can try the recipe I introduced earlier, boiled fennel with pig blood. At the same time, it is also necessary to eat properly, live a healthy life, avoid staying up late, and relieve psychological stress to relax physically and mentally.