What should I do if my tinnitus and hearing loss are severe?

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Ears are people’s hearing organs. If there is a problem, it will affect hearing and bring great inconvenience to life. Generally speaking, hearing loss seems to be a symptom that only occurs in the elderly. However, if you are not careful and put pressure on your ears, it will cause greater damage to your hearing, causing deafness and tinnitus at a young age. .

What should I do if my tinnitus and hearing loss are severe?

Tinnitus often indicates impending deafness. Many deaf patients are also accompanied by tinnitus. The frequency of tinnitus is often similar to the frequency of hearing loss. For tinnitus caused by certain ototoxic drugs, if the drug is detected and treated early, the cause of deafness can be reduced or avoided. Tinnitus caused by various ear diseases such as otosclerosis, acoustic neuroma, and Meniere's disease may lead to deafness if allowed to progress and not treated in time. However, not all tinnitus causes deafness. For example, conditions such as high blood pressure or yin deficiency according to traditional Chinese medicine may cause tinnitus but normal hearing. When these systemic diseases improve after treatment, the tinnitus will disappear naturally.

“Sudden tinnitus and hearing loss require timely medical attention. Sudden deafness needs to be treated as an emergency. Timely intervention by western medicine within 3 months of the onset of the disease can play a role. Very good curative effect. Traditional Chinese medicine is more suitable for the recovery of chronic diseases. In the past, a sophomore girl suddenly suffered hearing loss due to her love of wearing headphones to listen to music. Her parents took her to see her for two or three months, which ultimately delayed her condition. Young girls become severely deaf.

Get a hearing aid that suits you as early as possible. If the hearing loss has caused adverse effects, you should use hearing aids or assistive hearing devices for intervention. Currently, the use of hearing aids is The main method to improve the communication difficulties of the elderly and reduce communication barriers.

Generally speaking, many reasons may cause some problems in our ears, so we must Pay more attention, especially after middle age, people must pay more attention to their ears, and try to avoid picking their ears with their hands, which may also cause some ear problems and some ear diseases.

We should eat regularly. We should pay attention to the fact that anger can cause "sudden deafness" in the ears. This is often the case in real life. When people are angry, they will become blocked. Now Life is stressful and the mind is in a state of tension at any time, causing anxiety and depression, which will lead to blockage of meridians.A smooth state, so controlling your emotions is to maintain good health.