What are the dangers of tinnitus?

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Sometimes there is no sound at all outside, but there is always a sound in the ears. This situation is tinnitus. Tinnitus not only has a serious impact on our hearing, but also causes harm to our own physical health, so it requires active treatment.

What are the dangers of tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a common symptom caused by auditory dysfunction. Almost everyone has physiological tinnitus. Feelings that exceed physiological limits become symptoms. The tinnitus of patients with conductive hearing loss is low-pitched, such as the roar of machines; the tinnitus of patients with sensorineural hearing loss is mostly high-pitched, such as the chirping of cicadas. So what are the dangers of tinnitus?

1. Affects hearing: Very loud tinnitus can interfere with what is being heard. People often hear sounds but cannot distinguish what others are saying.

2. Affects sleep: Tinnitus is loud especially in the dead of night, making it difficult to fall asleep. Even when I fall asleep, it's very shallow. Some people report that they can be awakened by tinnitus when they are not sleeping deeply (tinnitus can wake the owner just like external sounds). Because after waking up in the middle of the night, the tinnitus is still ringing, making people restless and unable to sleep.

3. Affects emotions: Long-term severe tinnitus can cause emotional changes such as upset, worry, anxiety, anxiety, and depression. . Some people would rather lose their hearing than have tinnitus that reaches unbearable levels. Some people even thought of committing suicide because they were told "it's not easy to cure" or "there's no good way" when seeking medical treatment everywhere.

4. Impact on work: Because I can’t hear clearly the speeches of others, especially leaders and teachers, and I suffer from tinnitus. The great pain it brings is often not understood by others, so work efficiency decreases and interest in work and study is gradually lost.

5. Impact on family life: long-term medical treatment and medication due to tinnitus can cause economic losses and even cause huge financial pressure. If it is not understood by family members, it will affect family harmony.

6. TriggerMental problems. The occurrence of tinnitus will affect work, daily life, rest, etc., seriously affecting people's mood, and their emotions will be hit. Severe tinnitus can make people upset, worried, Emotional changes such as worry, anxiety, depression, etc., some people think that the occurrence of tinnitus is worse than not being able to hear. This shows how much harm tinnitus brings to people, so it is very important to actively treat its occurrence.

Tinnitus treatment mainly targets the cause of tinnitus. But so far, there is no cure for tinnitus. Now I would like to share with you some tips.

1. Wear a hearing aid. The reason is that the brain can focus on processing external sounds without being disturbed by internal tinnitus.

2. Avoid noise. It can be helpful to wear earplugs when operating the machine.

3. Do not use stimulants. Caffeine, nicotine, and decongestants can worsen tinnitus.

4. Add background sound. Music, fans, or other background sounds distract the brain.

5. Behavioral therapy. Relaxation can help reduce or control tinnitus.

6. Drugs. Sedatives or antidepressants can be effective when tinnitus disrupts sleep and causes severe anxiety.

Although technology is becoming more and more developed today, many diseases have been defeated by humans, but some common diseases still occur frequently in people. Tinnitus is a physiological phenomenon experienced by many people. If it occurs for a long time and cannot be cured, it will have serious consequences. Next, I will introduce the dangers caused by tinnitus in detail, hoping to attract everyone's attention!